On campus and virtually, Mount Holyoke students welcome you to the LEAP Symposium!

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Friday, October 22

12:15pm EDT

Community Building and Analysis (Zoom only) VirtualFinley Severin • Paula Mascuch • Teejae Reyes • Alexandra Brown Complex Climates: Issues within Our Social and Environmental Spheres (Zoom only) VirtualLucy Frasier • Gemma Pennucci • Elsa Kieffer • Elle Provolo • Emma Snowden Data & Analysis in Business Clapp 306Rick Feldman • Francesca C. Petruzzelli • Anjali Matthews • Marlena Klein • Luisa Linares EXCEL-ing in the workplace (Zoom only) VirtualChris Mitchell • Sammi Craig • Imaane Patel • Nadia Crockett-Current • Em Wolman Experiences in Biological Research: Lessons and Challenges of a Summer in Life Science Kendade 303Ken Colodner • Kessh Bhasiin • Anna Silverstein • Sommer Huntress From Data to Design: iteration, improvement, and innovation Kendade 107Shani Mensing • Kexin Song • Sophia Hoenig • Zainab Umar • Sophia Smith Human Rights, Advocacy and Research (Zoom only) VirtualAndy Reiter • Maitreyi Subedi • Hinako Yamaguchi • Michelle Dang • Nikki Ovaisi Legal Perspectives: Research, Litigation, Advocacy, and Art Kendade 203Adam Hilton • Praks Nikam • Amelia Luo • Kathryn Murphy • Whitney Stephenson Managing Equitable Access and Education During the COVID-19 Pandemic Cleveland L1Sarah Oelker • Laraine Dong • Alex Moreno • Adrianne Wu • Janiqua Davis Mentorship Throughout Different Phases of Research Clapp 407Corrin Moss • McKenna Crosby • Kareena Joshipura • Ruby Kules • Olivia Clarke Museums and Research Through Time and Space Cleveland L3Christine Andrews • Mamou Samaké • Sofie Frauenhofer • Kaitlin Hapgood • Lauren Whitley-Haney • Hui Shen Preserving and Rediscovering the Past (Zoom only) VirtualPaul Staiti • Natalie O'Neil • Emma Chen • Emily Jones • Molly Harper The Importance of Analysis and Research in a Multitude of Fields Kendade 305Kelly Woods • Jingjing Huang • Shreya Nair • Angela Kung • Liv Pitcher

1:15pm EDT

Advocacy, Political Research, and Effective Policy (Zoom only) VirtualAdam Hilton • Venesia Delancy • Ella White • Cristina Cavaleri • Hanalei Steinhart Contributions to the Field: Working with Faculty Mentors (Zoom only) VirtualMichael Robinson • Sohini Bhatia • Sabryna Coppola • Adrienne Corr • Alisa Lopez Diverse Learning in Education: From Creation to Classroom Cleveland L3Jen Matos • Monica Lamberti • Molly Sullivan • Lena Williamson-Diaz • Cayley DeLancey Exploring Pathways in Law and Advocacy Kendade 303Joshua Roth • Nana Yaa Kingsley- Nyinah • Stav Keshet • Nora Carrier • Anna Chait Flexibility in Fostering Connection and Community: Education Throughout COVID-19 Kendade 305Kelley O'Carroll • Nora Zhang • Sydney Nash • Hanan Khan • Thien-An Dang Nguyen Modern Media and Outreach Clapp 407Kavita Khory • Abby Wester • Lauren Hirth • Lynn Moynahan • Addie Ray • Yuewen Liang Navigating Digital Terrain: Disrupting Policy Narratives For a Public Audience Kendade 203Bryan Nakayama • Leen Rhazi • Kristina Honour • Avery Martin • Audrey Shannon Research and Communications in Sustainable Development Cleveland L1Naomi Darling • Maya Ron • Hannah Berry • Cydney Hambrick • Dani Crespo Seeking Social Justice: A Mental Health Perspective (Zoom only) VirtualRick Feldman • Mihiliya Kalahe Arachchige • Allia Jahanbin • Michaela Flanders • Maryam Ware • Mihiliya Kalahe Sharing Unique Perspectives (Zoom only) VirtualJu Young-Kielb • Rehat Thussu • Embry O'Leary • Jeremiah Karass • Catelyn Fitzgerald The Importance of Communication and Community Involvement Clapp 306Alexis MacGregor • Xinyi (Rebecca) Liu • Zainab Raja • Syeeda Nafia Subah • Kass Lawrence

2:15pm EDT

Collaboration between Technology and Business Cleveland L1Lidia Mrad • Shennaz Iefa Jemal • Khanh Nham • Dolkar Gurung • Zineb Takafi • Hanyi Wang Community Empowerment Through Technology Kendade 303Lindsey Freer • Maddy McAlexander • Ahlaam Abbasi • Skylar Hou • Soma Hannon Conservation, Community, and Connection Cleveland L3Renae Brodie • Beck Apicello • Maya Nightsky Rosensweet • Lilly Saitz • Evelyn Foster • Haley Shaw Cultivating an Online Audience in the Digital Age (Zoom only) VirtualAmy Martin • Elizabeth Lewis • Nico Boutaugh • Dnyaneshwari Haware • Sana Ahmed Lone Education Across the World Kendade 203Regina Xi • Jocelyn Zhou • Shakyra Lewis • Len Yeomans Enterprising People’s Lives Using Data Analysis and Human Interaction (Hybrid) Hybrid-Kendade 107Rick Feldman • Yufei Wu • Leah McLeod • Esha Sridhar • Zainab Mainuddin Improve and Understand Ourselves through Lab Experiences During Covid-19 (Zoom only) VirtualCara Lapenas • Samira Khan • Christine Liang • Bethelehem Woldetsadik • Shuyang Lin Media/Film/Television & Literature through the Zoom Lens Clapp 407Hannah Goodwin • Karla Esquivel • Ava Provolo • Keisy Hernandez-Letona • Francesca Marie Problem Solving in a World of Technology Clapp 306Lucy Frasier • Sneha Pradhan • Sophie Schempp • Anoushka Sengupta • Amma Mifatu Setorme Gadzekpo (Mifa) The Different Bricks to Building a Business Kendade 305Lucas Wilson • Amman Syed • Yehee Lee • Sarah Bishop • Tijana Zivanovic

3:15pm EDT